I've read the various tutorials and have successfully used Zope with the 
Python debugger.  But, of course, I can't have my production Zope running 
and the debugger running at the same time unless I get Zeo going.  But is 
there another way?  Is it possible to start Zope in the debugger but have 
it open a different data.fs file for testing?  (I only have one computer 
and have to keep a small, Zope-driven web site running 24/7 as well as do 
development on a new Zope Database Adapter.)

I've looked into the Zeo How-To and feel a little overwhelmed.  And I 
suspect it is probably asking a bit too much of one Celeron 400 with 
Windows 98 to have all that running.  What do you think?  (Sorry, but "get 
Linux" or "get another computer" would be great, but aren't on my immediate 


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