>>>>> "AS" == Andrew Sydelko <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

  >> Failed to import class Splitter from module
  >> Products.PluginIndexes.TextIndex.Splitter.ZopeSplitter
  >> When I import Products...ZopeSplitter, I see a module with a
  >> Splitter attribute bound to a function.

  AS> I don't understand what you're saying here. Do you mean it works
  AS> without complaining for you? In the past I have deleted all the
  AS> Products that were in the Products Control Panel to fix a
  AS> similar bug.  Is that the case here as well?

The problem is that the alpha release had a bug that made it
impossible to load Splitter objects from the database.  Andreas fixed
the bug on Monday, so you could copy the changed file 
or you could delete whatever objects are related to the text index.

  >> The other import problem I see is
  >> Zope Could not import Products.HTMLDocument
  >> Is HTMLDocument a standard product or a 3rd party product?  I
  >> don't see one in my 2.6 checkout.  If it's 3rd part, then I
  >> expect it needs to be upgrade to work with 2.6.

  AS> HTMLDocument is a 3rd party product. Is there a document that
  AS> says what has changed enough since 2.5.1 that would break
  AS> products? and how to fix them?

The traceback in the log indicates that the problem is related to
InterfaceBase.  (IIRC, I don't have that browser window open any
more.)  I think that Jim changed the Interface package just before the
alpha, backporting changes from the Zope3 package.  Maybe Jim can
summarize what people need to do to update their code.

  AS> This is frustrating...

I agree that it is frusterating, but I think it's hard to have an
alpha release that works perfectly with all known third party


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