I would probably work around this by creating a Product that gets a
hold of the app object in its __init__ and creates all the necessary
stuff.  Actually, it would be kinda nice if instead of creating only
the session_data object in the temp_folder initialization code we
imported some (replaceable) arbitrary .zexp file that contained
whatever you wanted.  You could hack something up like this I'm

> Oh yes.  Those were fun days!
> So, I want to have different TOC's, preferably in non persistent
> (the site I'm working on could be quite high traffic at times).  A
> problem is - if one is in a temporary folder, it will disappear if
Zope ever
> restarts.
> So, at present, it looks like you can only have one reliable
> TOC per Zope instance, since that one's always initialized during
the time
> Zope is checking its root for required objects (Zope 2.5.1
> lib/python/OFS/Applicatoin.py (revision, starting at
line 277).
> This could be a rather crappy situation for Zope instances hosting
> applications with different Session requirements.  Fortunately for
> project I'm on, I think it will have a dedicated Zope instance.
> No one's working on a "Kinda Sorta Temporary Folder" are they?  ;)
Or, as
> Jim might put it "Temporary, except for when I don't want it to
> --
> Jeffrey P Shell
> www.cuemedia.com

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