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Carl Rendell  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Has anyone on the list ever 'set' the modification or other date 
> attributes on an object in the ZODB? I've looked at the 
> bobobase_modification_time() call and found it looks at an 
> attribute [_p_mtime] for an object, but have yet to discover what 
> controls the setting of that attribute, or if that is the attribute 
> to set?
> I'm familiar with changing these on items in a file system, but 
> performing the same task on an object in the ZODB has me stumped 
> right now.

I looked a few weeks ago, and it's deep in the C code, and grep-proof
besides :-) Look in ZODB/cPersistence.c, grep for "'m'" (with single

My conclusion was that it was very tied to the ZODB and that setting
it would probably break the serial or transaction mechanisms.


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