I'm messing around with a Plugable Index that can take an NOT operator.
(regular field/keyword indexes can just do AND or OR (and of course range).

I intend to release my code on zope.org, but first I though I'd write some 
unit tests.

EasyKeywordIndex (as it's currently called) extends keywordIndex and adds
three operators 'not', 'notor', 'notand'. ('not' == 'notor')

It works by first doing range (i.a.), then doing AND/OR and finally (an the 
only new stuff)
diff it agains all indexed documents.

To be able to make the diff at the end I have added a index attribute 
self._all that is
a IISet of all indexed documentIds.

Now to the question(s): (I allready answered one of the writting this 
e-mail ;-)

If a document doesn't have the attribute it's index it still is included in 
the index
(as an unindex entry).
Why does it work this way, I would have thought that if a document doesn't
have the indexing attribute it should be not be included in the index?
This would free up allot of references to documents that will never be 
search through the
index, at least in an application where the ZCatalog has allot of indexes 
that index
allot of classes with quite different types of meta-data.

For the NOT-aware index it would mean a great different.
Instead of returning all documentIds that ever been through the ZCatalog
that doesn't match, it would return a much smaller result list.
Of course the not index will most probably be combined with other
query operators (such as a field of meta_data in my case) but returning
a smaller result list would make not indexes more effective, right?

I love to get this accepted as a patch for the unindex, I might also have
a look at TextIndex and PathIndex, while I'm at it :-)

   TextIndexes does partially do NOT with the 'andnot', 'ornot' opertators, but
   they require that the first search argument is not not (e.g. "first AND 
NOT second",
   not "NOT first AND second")

Best Regards,
Johan Carlsson

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