For a while now, Tracker has been core dumping on my with Zope 2.5.1 with
both Python 2.1.2 and 2.1.3 on FreeBSD 4.5 (Intel).  The culprit seems to be
expressions that are heavy on parenthesis.  For example, the following

    <!--#let val="(init or (type == 'simple'
                                and (_['sequence-key']
                                           not in ['requester',
                         )) and _['sequence-item']"-->

But it core dumps when changed to:

    <!--#let val="((init or (type == 'simple'
                                and (_['sequence-key']
                                           not in ['requester',
                         )) and _['sequence-item'])"-->

Don't ask me what this expression does - I just kept whittling at it until
the crashes stopped.  Then I went and found quite a few others.  I made a
lot of fixes by turning complex expressions into many smaller ones inside a
single 'let' tag.

Does anyone know other possible fixes for this issue?  Is there some Python
stack size setting I can set at compile time?  I have some other code that
has not survived the move to Zope 2.5.x/Python 2.1.x/FreeBSD.

FWIW, the Python 2.1.2 used was from the BSD Ports, while the 2.1.3 was
compiled by hand.

Jeffrey P Shell

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