jeffrey wrote:

>Jens Vagelpohl writes:
>>have you read about the python crash-bug stemming from tiny thread 
>>stack sizes on freebsd and applied the patch? the mailing list 
>>archives should tell you what to do.
>Ahh, thanks!  I think I found the right patch and all.  Won't get to find
>out if it all works until tomorrow.  (After the keynote of course ;)
>Hopefully this nails the issue.  It's been beating me up for a while
>now (primarily with older code, strangely enough).


Make sure you recompile your python scripts too (update to Zope 2.4.4 or 
Zope 2.5.1) as the older restricted python compiler generated bad 
constructs when dealing with large compound static constructs (ie lists 
of lists etc).  Pythons prior to 2.1.3 lacked checks to assert that the 
data structures were properly generated, and would go off the deep end 
once they hit them.  Python  2.1.3 will recognize bad structures and 
stop (albeit with messages that are cryptic to someone who isn't aware 
of the potential pitfalls).

I dont remember off the top of my head what the magic "recompile all" 
url is, but it's there, and it should show up in the debug log when you 
restart and it notices that the magic number on python scripts has changed.

Matt Kromer
Zope Corporation 

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