Hey all,

A client of mine seems to be plagued with memory leaks. I have a CMF / Plone
site on We fixed some security issues that caused a major leak this is the
same I believe as http://collector.zope.org/Zope/421, by jiggling settings
this no longer an issue. Anyway we are still getting some minor leaks that
severly limit the amount of the traffic the box is going to be able take.
Lots of different objects are being leaked, including good old DateTime,
however I dont believe its this, DateTime just happens to be there.

Possible culprits are (trimmed down debug page) ZPT:
Products.PageTemplates.TALES.TALESError etc...
or AccessControl AccessControl.unauthorized.Unauthorized,
AccessControl.SecurityManager.SecurityManager etc...

A quick rummage through LeakFinder hasn't helped too much so Im not sure
what too recommend. Good old install ZEO and restart Zope every few hours?
Is anyone else having issues?


Plone 0.99 "Almost There"
CMF Beta 1.3 beta 1
Zope 2.5.1
Python 2.1.3
RedHat Linux 7.1
Using Apache and pcgi to serve...
  Andy McKay

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