Matthew T. Kromer wrote:

> On *my* RedHat 7.3 system, I cannot reproduce your problem.
> However, you do note that exception 0x6e727574 is ASCII for 'nrut' or 
> 'turn' backwards.
> I dont know if that's meaningful or not.  I usally watch out for ASCII 
> in things that should otherwise be addresses.

FYI -- I fixed this in the ISO_8859_1 splitter.  The problem was a 
section of code attempting to use the character "mu" (a character with 
the high bit set) as an offset into an array.  It was cast to an int, 
rather than an unsigned char, so it went negative, and the code stored 
0x01 into an area it shouldn't have -- in this case, on top of the 
linkage table entry for PyExc_IndexError.

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