Anthony Baxter wrote:

>I've got a Data.fs which has been gradually moved from Zope version to
>zope version (it's quite possible that the same Data.fs was originally a
>We've been getting the SearchIndex deprecation warning for some time, and
>I'd like to fix it - as far as I can tell, it's caused by some ZCatalog 
>objects in the ZODB that were created back when using SearchIndex was the 
>hip'n'groovy way to impress the other catalog objects. 
>Short of manually deleting and re-creating all the ZCatalog objects in the
>ZODB, is there a way to get these puppies updated to get rid of the warnings?

Well, the *sneaky* way to do it would be a funky one-time mod to the 
object's __setstate__ method -- but I caution against excessive 
sneakiness as potentially very frustrating to get right.

My inclination would be to write a one time "search and replace" method 
which crawled the ZODB looking for such objects and replaced them with 
newer versions.

Matt Kromer
Zope Corporation 

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