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> I thought this list was for developers, including product developers,
> while the other was for zope users.  Isn't that the case?

Nope, but its hould be for product developers, because there isn't one. :-)

> It seems natural to allow some of these options to be specified at a
> high level of containment.  For example, one might have a preferred
> numbering style for questions and another for responses that are set at
> the level of the Ballot (or even higher, possibly).  Then, if you
> wanted to, you could override these lower down.

Yup. And you can to that by setting and acquiring properties. No problemo.

> This style of containment and optional overriding seemed to me exactly
> what acquisition was all about, so I tried to do it with acquisition.
> But it didn't work.

I haven't really understood what didn't work, because I have been on
vacation and not following this thread very closely...

> Based on previous responses, I've implemented a containment hierarchy
> by hand.

"By hand"? You mean that instead of having your objects being Zope objects
added from the Add drop down box, they are pure python objects and added
only by code?

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