Mehran erfani wrote:
> I am a newbie to the zope world and recently started
> using zope in our corporate development environment.
> One thing that I couldn't find so far is an easy way
> to use cvs for revision control for individual
> components developed in zope. I understand that zope
> has its own version control system and mechanism. But
> still in a corporate frame work it might be desirable
> to find a way to be able to use systems such as cvs to
> do revision control outside the frame of zope. I am
> pretty much familiar with export and import facilities
> in zope, but I am sure we all agree that importing and
> exporting individual components of a big project is
> going to be quite cumbersome. On the other hand import
> and export of a zope project as whole is not going to
> be helpful in using cvs either.... so I am puzzled! Is
> there anyone out there who has a suggestion on this
> issue? Is there anyway around this? Does zope provide
> some API to be able to export and import components in
> group...Is there any product out there that would
> automate one such a procedure? I would appreciate it
> if anyone can help. Thanks.

There are a few products on for integrating with CVS.  Look 
through the downloadable products.  I think there are CVSFolder and 
ZCVSFile (or something like that), maybe more.

However, most version control tools are difficult to integrate into 
applications in a platform-neutral way.  To integrate with CVS, for 
example, Zope spawns a CVS client, but the CVS client runs with the 
privileges of the Zope process rather than the user's privileges.  It 
works but it's not very clean.

Subversion, however, gives us a new opportunity.  The first alpha has 
been released.  Communicating with a Subversion repository involves 
HTTP, WebDAV, and DeltaV--all documented, open standards.  So Zope could 
talk to a Subversion repository in a very transparent, well-integrated 
way.  Anyone out there looking to write a nice, useful product for Zope? 
  A Zope->Subversion adapter would be a great choice. :-)


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