I'm trying to modify the zope ftp-access to specify a port range 
within the server selects the ports for the passive ftp communication
with the ftp-clients. This is in order to have the Zope server behind
a firewall blocking more then the privileged ports only. 

I managed to modify the passive_acceptor within the medusa ftp server
file. The problem I have is that certain FTP clients (e.g. gftp) 
close there connection because of messages coming from the server.

The code I have modified is in 


class passive_acceptor (asyncore.dispatcher):
        ready = None

        def __init__ (self, control_channel):
                # connect_fun (conn, addr)
                asyncore.dispatcher.__init__ (self)
                self.control_channel = control_channel
                self.create_socket (socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
                for i in range(10000,11000): 
                        # bind to an address on the interface that the
                        # control connection is coming from.
                        to.write("ftp connection - port %d\n"%i)
                        bres = self.bind ((
                        to.write("ftp connection - bind:"+`bres`+"\n")
                        if bres == None :
                self.addr = self.getsockname()
                self.listen (1)

Accessing the Zope-server through a firewall that has only the ports
10000 to 11000 open using gftp allows the firs connection but 
disconnects with an error message when I change the directory.

The error message is:

451 Server Error: socket.error, (98,'Address already in use'): file:
/usr/lib/zope/ZServer/medusa/asyncore.py line: 250

Do you have any hints on this?

Thanks and Best Regards


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