Tres Seaver wrote:

> Martijn did add a knob to turn the feature off, via a new environment
> variable.  With a security vulnerability, we have to come up with some
> kind of balance between the need to propagate the fix as quickly as
> possible and the need (as you point out) not to disrupt production sites
> unduly.  I don't believe we can afford to wait a whole other release
> cycle for this fix;   Brian, Jim, and Martijn deemed the fix too
> pervasive to be bundled as a hotfix, which offers us little choice
> except to included it in current releases.
> Whithout the fix, virtually every Zope site in the world is vulnerable
> to URL-based cross-site scripting exploits.  For instance, any URL which
> contains invalid form variable marshalling can generate an error page
> which includes the erroneous value, unquoted.  E.g.:


but why not fixing that instead?
I for one concur that it is a good thing to care for such stuff, but the 
way it is fixed might really lead to a lot of confusion, because it 
again introduces some magic which happens behind the users back.

As far as I understand the fix, I can imagine some use cases which might 
break without having been in danger at all. Someone please correct me if 
I'm wrong.

1. Sending mails with dtml-sendmail
If you send plaintext mails, suddendly you get html_quoted stuff which 
you never wanted. Having to debug this without knowing about the new 
"feature" will get people up in arms.

2. <textarea ...><dtml-var some_variable_contained_in_request></textarea>

3. Any object which uses dtml to render content from the REQUEST not 
meant for being displayed in a browser.

Some people might use zope for things which have nothing to do with 
html, so they didn't care about cross-site scripting in the first place.


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