XML is just a file format used to store information.  DevXML is a way of
sharing information about an interface and
eventually a class definition amongst many languages and platforms.  Its
just data.  I wrote one utility in vb to parse the DevXML
and generate the interface in vb, but you can use the parsers that already
exist on different platforms to parse the file and generate
the source in whatever language you work with.
This comes in handy if you have development teams working on the same
product but for different platforms,
eg c++ or vb on nt and java on linux.  You wish for the interfaces to be the
same and eventually you would wish to share
the same basic logic, the only difference is the parts that are specific to
c++ or java.
This helps resolve problems of inconsistant functionality between the
product on one platform vs the other.
It also helps resolve the problem of the c++ and java versions having
drastically different behavior.  That is a developer who is working on the
c++ side can more easily transfer his knowledge of the interface and class
design to a java developer without either developer having to understand
both languages.
It could potentially save you some time when porting from one platform to
another as you can generate a shell on the new platform
by parsing the DevXML files.  Then you just need to fill in the platform
specific stuff.
So far I have a little group that is reviewing my research and providing
feedback if you or anyone in your group would like to
take part please let me know.  The more feedback the more likely it is that
we will be successful.
If you have any feedback or wish to be updated when this site is updated please email me at
chris williams

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