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> The Item class mixes in Traversable, which is probably responsible for
> making  this work TTW. It also gives you a bunch of other stuff that many
> Zope  classes need, like DAV support, copy support, ZMI tab support and
> security.  It doen't mix-in acquisition tho.
> If you need support for acquistion machinery (including __of__ which
> creates  wrappers), then you need to mix-in Acquisition.Implicit. The
> SimpleItem class  mixes this and Persistence in for you (along with
> Item), so many Zope classes  derive form SimpleItem. You need Persistence
> to store instances of your class  in the ZODB, and implicit acquisition
> is the standard for Zope objects.

I actually don't know, if I need acquisition. The items are stored in the 
btree of
the table, and I experienced no problems till now. I can copy and 
export/import AixtraTable instances and the data is preserved.

> In short I would recommend mixing in SimpleItem or you may find that your
> objects are not stored properly in the ZODB.

Is that also true, if I store them in a btree ?

> -Casey
> BTW: People will take you a lot more seriously on this list if you loose
> the
># {{{ ... #}}} crutches ;^)

I use a folding editor (jed) and these are the folding marks. Folding makes 
editing live much easier. ;-))

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