Yes I agree, I think it would be better if the apis were getRecordForUid,
getIndexForUid since the uids can be something other than paths.Thanks for
the input on that.


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Sorry, maybe I'm too late ;) but I have a note here.

uid in Cataloc can be path but it can be any arbitrary unigue
identifier. In system I'm working with it is ID generated in the time of
object creation and it persists and it is uid in Catalog. Nothing wrong
with the methods themselves but about their name. As far as I understood
they are getRecordFromPath, getMetadataFromPath, getIndexFromPath.
Generally it will be path a uid of Catalolog, but naming in other cases
will be confusing. Maybe it is just a question of documentation?



Casey Duncan wrote:

>Your code looks fine, I think it meshes better with the underlying catalog
>code too. I don't have a problem with this getting checked in, just make
>sure you update, help/ and add unit tests (that pass
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>>>If you call getObject, that actually does traversal anyway.
>>Right, in that situation it would be pointless...
>>You rock, Casey, thanks. I was thinking more about adding:
>>def getMetadataFromPath(self, path):
>>    """ get metadata for an object using its path """
>>    rid = self._catalog.uids[path]
>>    return self._catalog.getMetadataForRID(rid)
>>def getIndexFromPath(self, path):
>>    """ get index for an object using its path """
>>    rid = self._catalog.uids[path]
>>    return self._catalog.getIndexDataForRID(rid)
>>Since this uses the same terminology and returns the same data as
>>getIndexDataForRID and getMetadataDataForRID. Is there any reason why I
>>couldn't checked these in?
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