In theory (and as a Debian user), I like the idea of support for as
distro-neutral of a linux distribution as possible; on the other hand,
supporting RedHat 7.2 is a must for Zope accessability to new developers
(since there are a lot of RedHat 7.2 systems out there).  Is Python 2.1
under woody really compiled with LFS support?  That would be great, but
still likely means that your best bet is to build Zope from source, or just
use the Zope packages in Debian Main.

Anyway, Debian 3.0 uses glibc 2.2 (I'm not sure if this is a big deal???).  

A thought: rather than require yet another Zope binary distribution to be
packaged for Debian by Zope Corp (esp. Since Zope packages are fairly decent
in Debian), the download page might want to contain a link to:
for Debian users, just like it mentions the contributed RPMs.


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On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 10:57:14AM -0400, Matthew T. Kromer wrote:
> Zope is currently released in three binary formats:
>    Windows - i386
>     Solaris 2.6 - SPARC
>     Linux RH 5.2 - i386
> All binary releases come with python 2.1.3, built without large file 
> support.
> We are proposing to change the binary distributions to newer releases, 
> at least on the Solaris and Linux platforms.  
> The new Solaris binary would be Solaris 2.8.
> The new Linux binary would be RedHat 7.2 based (i.e. glibc 2.1).
> It is very likely that the supplied Pythons would be built with large 
> file support *enabled* for these platform, unless some unforseen 
> compatibility issue arose.

Is it difficult to make the GNU/Linux binary distro independent?  All
the binaries that I have been using from the Zope site work to the
best of my knowledge on distros.  Why mention Redhat specailly?  I
work on Debian Woody 3.0, and the python 2.1 is compiled with large file
system support.


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