I have created (yet another, perhaps) "easy Zope install" branch off the
current Zope trunk.

It allows for a "./configure; make; make install" sort of Zope
installation for the source release.  It also includes a version of the
nascent "zctl.py" that has been floating around unreleased to make
starting, stopping, and debugging Zope easier.

I'd like to know if folks are in favor of such a beast.

Here is a sample session for flavor:

[chrism@james InstallerBranch]$ ./configure

Configuring Zope installation

Testing for an acceptable Python interpreter...
  The optimimum Python version (2.1.3) was found at

  SOFTWARE_HOME (Zope binary directory) will be
  Makefile written.
  'makeinstance' script written.

[chrism@james InstallerBranch]$ make

Compiling python modules
Building extension modules
/home/chrism/bin/python setup.py build_ext -i
running build_ext
building 'AccessControl.cAccessControl' extension
-Wstrict-prototypes -fPIC
-I/home/chrism/opt/Python2.1.3/include/python2.1 -c AccessControl/cAccessControl.c -o 

... and so on ...

chmod 0711 /home/chrism/software/InstallerBranch/var

/bin/touch /home/chrism/software/InstallerBranch/build
Zope built. Next, do make install.

[chrism@james InstallerBranch]$ make install
/bin/mkdir -p /home/chrism/opt/zoptest
/bin/cp -r -u /home/chrism/software/InstallerBranch/*
... and so on ...
Zope binaries installed successfully.
Now run /home/chrism/opt/zoptest/makeinstance.

[chrism@james InstallerBranch]$ /home/chrism/opt/zoptest/makeinstance
The instance home is the directory from which you will run Zope.
Several instance homes, each with their own data and
configuration, can share one copy of Zope.

Instance home [/home/chrism/opt/zoptest]: /home/chrism/opt/instance
'/home/chrism/opt/instance' does not exist.
Shall I create it [y]? 
Created 'Extensions' directory.
Created 'import' directory.
Created 'Products' directory.
Created 'var' directory.
Created default database
Created zctl.py

Now to create a starting user. Leave the username blank if you want to
skip this step.

Please choose a username and password.
This will create the initial user with which you manage Zope.
Username: admin
Verify password: 
chmod 0644 /home/chrism/opt/instance/inituser
Done!  Use "/home/chrism/opt/instance/zctl.py start" to start Zope.

[chrism@james InstallerBranch]$ cd ~
[chrism@james chrism]$ cd opt/instance/
[chrism@james instance]$ ./zctl.py start
Starting Zope, using:
"/home/chrism/bin/python" "/home/chrism/opt/zoptest/z2.py" 
[chrism@james instance]$ 

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