Adrian Hungate wrote:
>>I have a question for you zope administrators out there :
>>What are your experiences whith zope running on Windows NT/2K? No matter
>>what I try , zope will run significant faster on a Unixlike system
>>(with the same hardware), especially when working alot with the ZCatalog.
> Very much so! On a Win2k with Dual P3 1Ghz Zope runs slower than the same
> install on a Linux box with 1 P133 !!!! (I have tested this on multiple
> different configurations and every time it comes out the same)

How can that be?  If anything, Zope should run just slightly faster on 
Windows, since VC++ produces more optimized code than GCC 2.x, resulting 
in higher pystones.

Could it be that one of the optional C extensions isn't working on 
Windows?  (I have a Win NT CD and plenty of HD space but no desire to 
install it. ;-) )


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