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> Adrian Hungate wrote:
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> >>Hello,
> >>
> >>I have a question for you zope administrators out there :
> >>What are your experiences whith zope running on Windows NT/2K? No matter
> >>what I try , zope will run significant faster on a Unixlike system
> >>(with the same hardware), especially when working alot with the
> >
> >
> > Very much so! On a Win2k with Dual P3 1Ghz Zope runs slower than the
> > install on a Linux box with 1 P133 !!!! (I have tested this on multiple
> > different configurations and every time it comes out the same)
> How can that be?  If anything, Zope should run just slightly faster on
> Windows, since VC++ produces more optimized code than GCC 2.x, resulting
> in higher pystones.
> Could it be that one of the optional C extensions isn't working on
> Windows?  (I have a Win NT CD and plenty of HD space but no desire to
> install it. ;-) )

I'm not sure that is the case you know. Oracle 9i Linux is faster on my
Linux Athlon 800 than the same release on my Win2k Dual Piii 1GHz.

Also my Win box has 1Gb ram, while my Linux box has only 512Mb...

VC++ does optimise some operations better than GCC (This is well documented)
but that does not make up for the OS it is running on.

Generally my experience has been that although Windows sometimes _feels_
faster, in my experience, in _practical_ tests other OS's have _always_
out-performed it. Windows Explorer may be faster than MacOS finder, or GMC
etc on Linux, but very few practical operations revolve around listing
directories on screen.

If someone has a recipe to make my windows PC run faster than my Linux box,
I'm willing to try it.


Adrian Hungate

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