Actually for this project, i would like to just store the pictures
"under" the "product", and then have some kind of DTML-Method to show
the product with the pictures.

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        Jens Bjerre wrote:
        >Can anyone please explain to me, how it's possible to make
        >using ZClasses.
        >Let's say that i would like to make a product catalog with x
numbers of
        >pictures, and sometimes no pictures. I guess it's something
about making
        >a ZClass wich can contain objects???
        In that case you can subclass an objectmanager.
        But if the pictures should be shared between different products
this approach can be a problem.
        If you want to share images you should put them in their own
folder and then store a list of paths in your product, to the images you
want to relate to an object, or you could use the mxmRelations product.
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