On Qua 04 Set 2002 15:31, Jeffrey Chan wrote:
| I'm sure this has been proposed a thousand times b4. Product
| management/download/installation really should be integrated into ZMI,
| kinda like what apt-get does now.
| All products is already sitting on a central repository (zope.org), all
| that's needed is a front-end and a standard packaging policy.
| There's probably good reason that there's still no TTW product management
| in Zope (complexity, I assume). But how about switching Zope's Python
| runtime to ActiveState distro? ActiveState already has PyPPM for package
| management, why not customize it for Zope? Create an additional ZopePPM
| that queries the zope.org repository for packages, while leaving PyPPM for
| installing Python runtime libraries.
| Ideally, if u use ZopePPM to install something like MySQLDA, it'll resolve
| the dependancies and invoke PyPPM automatically to install addtional Python
| runtime libraries in the correct locations. No more Python runtime lirary
| installation hell!!
| Just a thought. How u guys would consider the possibility.

Ive been discussing this with Paul Everitt and Kapil Thangavelu during the 
last months. We have this in mind, and will put those ideas in practice when 
creating the new version of Zope.org (no date yet). Kapil has a good part of 
the server side API implemented, but its not finished yet (the Python 

For more information about the Gideon, contact Kapil itself, at 

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