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> You'll also want to change the number of database connections.  If
> you use FileStorage, put the following in a "custom_zodb.py" file in
> your Zope software home or instance home (if you run an instance
> home setup):
> import ZODB.FileStorage
> import ZODB.DB
> filename = os.path.join(INSTANCE_HOME, 'var', 'Data.fs')
> Storage = ZODB.FileStorage.FileStorage(filename)
> DB = ZODB.DB(Storage, pool_size=25, cache_size=2000)
> The "pool_size" parameter is the number of database connections.
> The number of database connections should always be higher than the
> number of threads by a few (it doesn't make sense to have fewer
> database connections than threads).

Great, thanks :-)

But, am I still limited to max 7 zope threads? I wish to have around 20.
About 1/2 to 1 year ago I recall being told that with

python z2.py -t nrOfThreads

nrOfThreads could be set to whatever but Zope would not use more than 7 in
any case. Is this so still? Can it be changed? And is -t a parameter for
zserver or for the ZODB?



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