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Magnus Heino wrote:
>>  MH> ZEO2 outputs too many logs at level BLATHER.
>>  MH> Could these please be changed to DEBUG or something?
>>But I like having them at BLATHER level :-).
> I guess so ;-)
>>  MH> ZODB and VerboseSecurity output useful logs at BLATHER, but they
>>  MH> drown in the flood of ZEO2 logs.. ;)
>>Are there good rules of thumb for what level to log things at?  It's
>>hard to know how to split log messages across multiple levels.  I
>>assumed that anything below INFO level was for debugging only.
>>What do ZODB and VerboseSecurity log at the BLATHER level?
> 2002-09-12T17:55:53 BLATHER(-100) VerboseSecurity Unauthorized: Your user 
> account does not have the required permission.  Access to 'manage' of 
> (Application instance at 8b9cf90) denied. Your user account, Anonymous User, 
> exists at /acl_users. Access requires one of the following roles: 
> ['Manager']. Your roles in this context are ['Anonymous'].
> 2002-09-12T17:56:57 BLATHER(-100) ZODB Commiting subtransaction of size 
> 2909677
> Maybe its Shanes VerboseSecurity product that should use INFO, cause all it 
> does is output those logs... I mean, if you have it installed, you probably 
> want to see the logs.

This is a tough call.  VerboseSecurity often logs information that might 
be useful, but which does not actually raise an Unauthorized error.  For 
example, if you look at the management interface as a semi-restricted 
user, you'll see only some of the tabs.  VerboseSecurity will output a 
log message for each tab you can't see and for every ZMI request.  This 
is far more info than most people want (including me). :-)

Maybe instead of outputting to the event log, VerboseSecurity should 
send the info to the closest site error log.  The information would only 
persist if the "copy to event log" checkbox is turned on.  What do you 


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