The changes made to bring the Testing package into play some while back appear 
to have broken usage of testrunner.py to run tests if the products you're trying 
to test are in an INSTANCE_HOME's Products directory.

If, for example, I do:

set ZOPE_HOME=D:\Zope\2.5.1\
set SOFTWARE_HOME=D:\Zope\2.5.1\lib\python
set INSTANCE_HOME=D:\Zope\cmf_dev\
set PYTHONPATH=D:\Zope\2.5.1\;D:\Zope\2.5.1\lib\python

D:\Zope\2.5.1\bin\python D:\Zope\2.5.1\utilities\testrunner.py -d 
D:\zope\cmf_dev\products\cmfcore\ -v 1

(apologies for wrapping)

Then I get a myriad of import errors for things like Products.CMFCore.x.y

The reason for this is the that Testing sets it's own INSTANCE_HOME before Zope 
is imported, so while testrunner.py is still happily finding tests wherever you 
told it to, the INSTANCE_HOME is pointing to the Testing folder which, of 
course, is missing all the products.

What should we do about this situation?

I've tried using PRODUCTS_PATH to get around this, but a few tests still seem to 
fail when executed under that method :-(



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