I have modified testrunner to support INSTANCE_HOME installations:

To test an INSTANCE_HOME product specify the -i flag.

This is in the collector as a "feature+solution".


--On Donnerstag, 19. September 2002 15:00 +0100 Chris Withers 

> Hi,
> The changes made to bring the Testing package into play some while back
> appear to have broken usage of testrunner.py to run tests if the products
> you're trying to test are in an INSTANCE_HOME's Products directory.
> If, for example, I do:
> set ZOPE_HOME=D:\Zope\2.5.1\
> set SOFTWARE_HOME=D:\Zope\2.5.1\lib\python
> set INSTANCE_HOME=D:\Zope\cmf_dev\
> set PYTHONPATH=D:\Zope\2.5.1\;D:\Zope\2.5.1\lib\python
> set Z_DEBUG_MODE=1
> D:\Zope\2.5.1\bin\python D:\Zope\2.5.1\utilities\testrunner.py -d
> D:\zope\cmf_dev\products\cmfcore\ -v 1
> (apologies for wrapping)
> Then I get a myriad of import errors for things like Products.CMFCore.x.y
> The reason for this is the that Testing sets it's own INSTANCE_HOME
> before Zope is imported, so while testrunner.py is still happily finding
> tests wherever you told it to, the INSTANCE_HOME is pointing to the
> Testing folder which, of course, is missing all the products.
> What should we do about this situation?
> I've tried using PRODUCTS_PATH to get around this, but a few tests still
> seem to fail when executed under that method :-(
> cheers,
> Chris
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