As far as I can see if you search on '/' on PathIndexes, you don't get any
hits at all. (Well, in fact, you get an "index out of range error" but this
is a side effect of you not getting any hits).

This seems to be because the path index splits the path "/hi/de/ho" into
"hi" as level 0, "de" as level 1 and "ho" as level 2. Searching on '/' means
that the list of paths to search on is [] and it then fails to find
anything.  Or in fact, it kinda fails to search...

I'm wondering now: Is my analyzing of this problem correct? If it is, then
PathIndex would need some kind of special handling for '/' that simply
returns everything, right?

I feel far to shaky on how PluginIndexes work for me to do that fix without
moral support so I would like some feedback here before I start checking in
stuff. :-)
(Or rather, maybe somebody that already have a Zope sandboxed chacked out
could do it?)

Best Regards

Lennart Regebro, Torped

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