I have a Zclass whose bases are:

ZObject, ZDTMLDocument, _ZClass_for_Renderable

I am unable to FTP upload an existing instance. That is, HTML-Kit can open an 
instance and view the body source, but when I hit save I get an FTP error "426 could 
not create file".

The instance does not have an extension in it's id (i.e., the object id is 
"overview"), and I 
do not have a Zope mapping of file extensions to this ZClass type.

1. Does the FTP server see STOR as a new create process, in which case I need to 
add an file extension to the object id AND create a mapping so Zope knows what type 
of object to make?  (I think not, since I don't want to create a new object, just 
the body again)

2. How can I diagnose this error more? Where do I look?

3. Is there some obvious permission setting I haven't turned on for my ZClass? (I have 
FTP access mapped to "Change DTML Methods" in the corresponding Product "Define 
permissions" tab. Though I don't see "Ftp access" as a permission on this zclass under 
"define permissions" on the class, but it is shown as an inherited permisson.

4. Shouldn't I be inheriting a PUT method from the ZDTMLDocument class?

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