>     Thanks for you kind explanation.  I may have been premature in my
> assessment the new Zopezen.org.

Well the proof is the in the pudding, give me a bit of time and we'll see.

> But with some good people switching channels,
> will Zope still end up a major player in the market?

Unfortunately from my forays into the non-Zope (or Plone) into the CMS
market I dont think Zope is anywhere near a major player. I just don't
understand why working on Plone is considered switching channels. When I
developed the CMFZen skin was that switching channels? Is Squishdot?

Whenever I speak to anyone about Plone I mention Zope in the first sentence.

> It will be even longer before there are decent
> instructions on how to get a binary build of the core Zope on windows ;-)

I know how to do this now, its actually quite simple. The burden is now on
me to write something up :(

> Btw how many
> parts are you going to have to publish for us to understand Plone?

Probably less, since I believe ZopeZen is now simpler, there is about 50%
less code. However that could be me understanding CMF and Zope more.

> And just
> as much as the other commercial/open-source projects sought to bring users
> to Zope, those projects are long gone. ie world pilot, spoke.net,
> metapublisher, etc.

Perhaps, but how will you know until you try? There's more than one reason a
project goes under and in some ways Plone is quite different.

>    I smell commecial interest here.  I smell people trying to make that
> killer project hoping to make it big, instead of centering around the one
> vehicle that will help make a bunch of projects big someday.

I won't deny it. I believe I can sell Plone and I'm not sure I can sell Zope
as easily. Its a simple fact that I have to sell what the clients want: if I
spend all my time concetrating on Zope innards, I doubt I'll be able to pay
the mortgage. In the last 3 months 75% of my clients have come to me for
Plone, in one case I steered them to a solution in Zope because I felt it
was a more appropriate solution.
  Andy McKay

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