Paul Everitt wrote:
> ...this.  How can we listen to you if you're not participating?  But to 
> your point: the Zope community does not want, IMO, Zope and CMF merged. 
>  Content management is a piece of the Zope pie, not the whole pie.

And sooo right you are. If Zope became the CMF or Plone I would drop it 
in an instance.

There are so many wonderfull things that can be done in Zope, when it is 
as it is now. And many of the things does not fit into the cmf frame of 

Ie. I have a completely different idea as to how things should be done 
in Zope than how the CMF do it.

When you start making a concrete implementation of something you make 
some decissions in the beginning, and those decissions influence how you 
make the rest of your decissions.

So you get this complex web of layers of decissions that depends on each 

You sort of paint yourself into a corner. An evolutionary dead-end so to 

If Zope gets forced to go in one different direction, like CMF, it will 
quickly hit an evolutionary dead end.

regards Max M


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