I know I thought about that for a minute, but I believe MTV was well 
established when they came out with VH1.  But seeing that Zope is not the 
first app server on the market, it's like that first one I've used.

I know its a good thing to see all of these alternate frameworks and/or 
products, but I'll shut up until I can do more to constructively help out 
with the zope core.

>>  Please don't get me wrong, products like squishdot, CMFZen, and others 
>>have steered me towards Zope.  They are fine examples of the things that 
>>make Zope appealing.  But if you really think about what I'm saying you 
>>might understand my meaning.  Zope-->is to MTV and Plone --> is to VH1.  
>>Squishdot--> is to CMT.
>The funny part of your analogy: MTV is the creator and owner of VH1.  Now 
>why do you suppose they did that? :^)

-- James
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