>Paul Everitt wrote:
>>...this.  How can we listen to you if you're not participating?  But to 
>>your point: the Zope community does not want, IMO, Zope and CMF merged.  
>>Content management is a piece of the Zope pie, not the whole pie.
>And sooo right you are. If Zope became the CMF or Plone I would drop it in 
>an instance.
  I'm way too tired and need to hit the sack now, but here is a quote from 
the URL given to me by Paul " Zope 3 will include many of the components and 
frameworks currently supplied by the CMF. "  Now I never claimed or stated 
that the CMF needed to be merged with the Core Zope. Nor did I claim that 
Plone needed to be merged into Zope.

  After school tommorrow I will work to clarify my position.  What I'm 
sensing though is double speak, because now it sounds like you want to beef 
up that shovel, and imho the content to be managed is the dirt.

  My only response is why wasn't " Many of the components and frameworks 
currently supplied by the CMF" included in the core Zope in the first place? 
  Everybody has the right to work on their own thing sure.  We would already 
have a highly extensible Zope3 by now if the time wasn't spent trying to 
create something else that should have been in the core of Zope in the first 
place.  Let me ask you this, what does an app server serve?  I say it 
servers content, you can call it data, information, results, or whatever.  
I'd say we would have had alot more products out for Zope had that framework 
been placed in Zope instead or "Forking" the content concept with a seperate 
tool.  There are parts of the CMF that we can agree on that don't belong in 
the core of Zope.  And that is where products such as Plone, CMFZen, and 
Swishdot come into play.  What is the problem with my point of view?


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