Toby Dickenson wrote:
>>Yesterday, it appears this site died during a ZCatalog update as the last
>>entry in Z2.log was for the advanced catalog management form. However,
>>there was no entry for the actual re-catalog.
> That makes sense - Z2.log entries are made once the method has completed 
> (because it needs to include a field for the number of bytes sent back).

Yeah, that's what I thought.

> It looks like it stalled in the middle of that method.


>>Very weirdly, when I went to look at the stupid_log_file, it was totally

I'm still very concerned as to how this managed to happen...

>>2002-10-02T10:41:55 INFO(0) Z2 Closing all open network connections
> Zope closed all the network connections in the asyncore map, including the one 
> needed by ZEO that caused the traceback below.  There is a fishbowl proposal 
> to fix this, titled 'extra clean shutdown' iirc.

So, in effect, this is a bug but nothing to worry about?

>>When I restarted Zope, things appear to have come up fine. The funky new
>>error log object is empty, but I guess it's not a persistent thing...
> Its not persistent. You can get it to copy errors to zLOG, which eventally 
> targets the stupid log. Do you have that box ticked?

No, I do now though...

My main concern is finding out why it ground to a halt. If this is a bug in 2.6, 
it'd be good to get ti fixed before 2.6 final comes out...



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