Hi all,

For the benefit of all Jaguar (10.2) users, here is the complete steps  
I followed to compile and install readline 4.3, postgres 7.2.2,  
mxDateTime 2.0.4 and psycopg 1.0.12. All were compiled from the source  
tarballs available from the respective web sites.

Preliminary steps
1. cd /usr/lib/python2.2/config

2. Edit Makefile (with sudo), look for the line that begins "LDFLAGS=".  
In mine it is line 62.

3. If the line reads:

LDFLAGS=   -arch i386 -arch ppc

change it to:

LDFLAGS=  -arch ppc

In other words, remove the errant "-arch i386". Why that is there only  
the people at Apple know. Maybe they did a build of Darwin on x86 and  
forgot to remove that flag in the final build.

4. Save the changes.

1. After untarring, cd into readline-4.3/support

2. Edit shobj-conf and find the section that begins with "#  
Darwin/MacOS X". The section begins with "darwin*|macosx*)" and ends  
with ";;".

3. Copy that whole section and then paste it below the ";;" at the end  
of the section but before the "openbsd*)" starting the next section.  
This will be a new darwin6 section.

4. Go back to the top of the original and change "darwin*|macosx*)" to  

5. Go to the top of the new darwin6 section and change  
"darwin*|macosx*)" to "darwin6*)".

6. In the darwin6 section, look for the line that begins with  

7. Towards the end of that line, change "$(SHLIB_MAJOR)" to  

8. The next line should read:


Change it to this:

SHLIB_LIBS='-lSystem -lcc_dynamic -lncurses'

9. Save you changes, cd up one level, and then:

make install

Ignore any warnings about duplicate symbols. The readline libs will now  
be installed in /usr/local/lib.

1. After untarring the source and cd into the postgres directory, do  
the following:

cd src/include/port/darwin
mv sem.h sem.orig.h
echo '#include <sys/sem.h>' > sem.h
cd ../../../backend/port

2. Edit Makefile.in, look for the 3 lines in the beginning section:

ifeq ($(PORTNAME), darwin)
OBJS += darwin/SUBSYS.o

3. Delete or comment out those lines and save your changes.
4. Now do the following:

cd ../../..
./configure --mandir=/usr/local/share/man --with-openssl=/usr/lib  
make install
make install-all-headers

I had no problems with this. After untarring, cd into the egenix  
directory and do the following:

python setup.py install

To install in a Zope python, it would be:

<zope>/bin/python setup.py install

where <zope> is your Zope directory.

Finally we can compile psycopg!

1. After untarring, cd into psycopg and do the following:

setenv LDFLAGS -lssl

This is in tcsh, do the equivalent in your shell to set the LDFLAGS  
environment variable.

2. Now do this to configure:

For the default Apple python:

./configure --mandir=/usr/local/share/man  

For a Zope python:

./configure --mandir=/usr/local/share/man  
DateTime/mxDateTime --with-python=<zope>/bin/python

where <zope> is your Zope directory.

3. If this works:

make install

That's all there is to it!  ;-)

    Victory-Heart Productions

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