On Monday 07 Oct 2002 1:14 pm, Guido van Rossum wrote:

> Well, there goes zLOG's MinimalLogger implementation.

The module name might be 'MinimalLogger', but everywhere else it is known as 
'the stupid log'. 

> (This only holds for log files owned by a root, right?)

No, I dont think ownership is relevant. Any log file which the zope process 
can overwrite it of little use in proving that your zope process has not been 

> > > Pidfiles too.
> >
> > Currently it is common practice for Zope's 'stop' scripts to be run
> > as root.  We cant allow the pid files to be written by non-root
> > users, otherwise those users could trick root into killing an
> > arbitrary process.
> The current design, for whatever reason, writes the pidfile as *late*
> as possible.  That's often bugged me, because there's a failure mode
> where the process dies before the pidfile is written; zdaemon restarts
> it over and over (that's what prompted my zdaemon hack proposal), and
> the stop script won't stop it.

There is a trick here - it writes two pid files. One is written by the server 
process (as you point out, this one is written very late), the other is 
written by the supervisor process immediately after forking. By default this 
is in var/zProcessManager.pid

You should be able to send SIGTERM to the supervisor process, and it should 
pass it on to the server process. Ive only just discovered that:

a. The signal forwarding doesnt seem to work for me

b. The default stop script doesnt use this pid.

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