On Sat, 5 Oct 2002, Guido van Rossum wrote:
> There's a different use case where something changes in the
> environment after the program has run successfully for a while, which
> causes it to crash and causes subsequent restarts to crash
> immediately.  It is *possible* that the environment fixes itself after
> a while -- it could be something like a network, DNS or NFS outage --
> and then an auto-restart option might be nice.
> I'm not sure what should be the default -- as a developer, I prefer
> that it stops (and I hate that zdaemon is the default at all), but for
> a production site something different might be in order.

Definately.  I have exactly that scenario in a production environment:
occasionally we will have too much disk usage, and a nightly cron
job will fill up the disk.  The job eventually deletes the file.
When this happens, currently zope will crash for a while, and then
when the disk is available again will restart successfully.  Sometimes,
however, it crashes completely and has to be manually restarted.
I hasn't happened often enough (we try not to let the disk get that
full!) for me to put time into tracking down why, but I'd certainly
hate to have a zdeamon crash as the only choice.

I don't have a strong opinion on which should be the default,
but since production generally comes after development, and
currently (or at least as of 2.4) debug mode is the default,
I suspect that crash should be the default.


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