Il dom, 2002-10-13 alle 00:28, Chris McDonough ha scritto:

> - Jeff's puts some stuff into the current prevailing python's
>   site-packages directory and some other stuff into /usr/share/zope.
>   Mine puts nothing into site-packages, and installs all Zope software
>   into /opt/zope.
> - Jeff's creates an INSTANCE_HOME in /var/zope.  Mine creates an
>   INSTANCE_HOME in /var/opt/zope.  I don't know if this is the right
>   thing but in reading the Linux FHS, it advises to not create
>   subdirectories of var directly... so I don't.
> - Jeff's puts pid files into /var/run, while mine creates pid files
>   directly in INSTANCE_HOME/var.

perfect. please do that for debian packages too and let /usr for
official debian packages of Zope.

> - anybody has opinions on the packaging layout.  Why is it advantageous
>   to have many packages rather than one?

you can install only what you really need. for example debian as one
package for every Product not included in base Zope, so, if i want the
CMF i have only to do:

        apt-get install zope-cmfdefault

> - anybody has any opinions of where Zope files distributed via RPMs and
>   debs should really go, especially wrt to the Linux FHS.  I'm not sure
>   there is a right answer, but I don't know beans about this, so I 
>   figure I'll ask.  A file named '' is attached to this 
>   email which is the input file to create a Zope RPM spec file during 
>   the make process, to give a better idea of how this works.

/opt and /var/opt is the right place. is a "software vendor"
and stuff from software vendors should gointo /opt.

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