On Sun, 2002-10-13 at 10:31, Adrian Hungate wrote:
> This looks GREAT!!

Thanks a lot..

> A couple of points:
> *) Python 2.2.x ?? This is scheduled for Zope 3 ?? Is there any way this
> could find its way in to a 2.x release?

I believe Zope 2.7 will require Python 2.2.X.  It's my hope to merge
this into the Zope trunk at some point in the near future (which will in
turn become Zope 2.7 at some point).

> *) Byte compiling: Why not schedule an 'at' job to do the byte compile?

The only reason I care about when the files are compiled is that if the
files are byte-compiled in the rpm build root, tracebacks will contain
references to the buildroot in the python filenames.  I could do it in
postinstallation, but then I'd need to clean up the py[co] files
manually during uninstall which seems a little icky.  

I suppose for "real" releases we could just not use a buildroot, but
this is not too convenient.

> *) Ownership/perms on the 'var' dir, this will need to be the same as the
> user Zope runs as, which I assume is not the same as ${zopeuser}

Well, I had thought for default installs, the %{zopeuser} will be "zope"
and this user will indeed be both the owner of the var dir and the owner
of the process.  Do you think there is a better way?

> Minor personal request:
> *) Is there any way to detect if apache is installed, and have zope run as
> the apache user? This would be great for CGI support, etc.

What user does apache run as?  "apache"?


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