On Sun, 2002-10-13 at 10:54, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:
> > - Jeff's puts pid files into /var/run, while mine creates pid files
> >   directly in INSTANCE_HOME/var.
> perfect. please do that for debian packages too and let /usr for
> official debian packages of Zope.

Do you mean I should use /usr or I should not?  I see that Gregor's
package uses /usr/lib/zope to store the software home files... I'm not
sure what this means to the FHS.

I also see that the existing debian Zope product packages (at least the
ones I've looked at) put their products into /usr/lib/zope/Products.

> you can install only what you really need. for example debian as one
> package for every Product not included in base Zope, so, if i want the
> CMF i have only to do:
>       apt-get install zope-cmfdefault

Right.. this is very cool.  Luckily, I'm only worrying about Zope itself
at the moment... Product packagings are a different story.

> > - anybody has any opinions of where Zope files distributed via RPMs and
> >   debs should really go, especially wrt to the Linux FHS.  I'm not sure
> >   there is a right answer, but I don't know beans about this, so I 
> >   figure I'll ask.  A file named 'Zope.spec.in' is attached to this 
> >   email which is the input file to create a Zope RPM spec file during 
> >   the make process, to give a better idea of how this works.
> /opt and /var/opt is the right place. zope.org is a "software vendor"
> and stuff from software vendors should gointo /opt.

OK, I think so too... I'd like to hear the opinions of the existing
debian and rpm maintainers as well, though...

A tremendous amount of effort has been put into packaging Debian and RPM
Zope packages.  I want to make sure that what I do doesn't step on
anybody's toes in this realm... it will be problematic if we start to
create rpm and deb distros that are completely different than the ones
that already exist.  At the same time, it would be nice if we could come
up with some sort of cross-platform standard for file locations.

- C

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