Is it possible to output error messages generated by a formulator object in
a region at the top of a page template rather than to a column on the form.

Also is it possible to place the button where you want on the form.

An online example would be cool if one exists


Chris MacKenzie

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On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 12:14:03PM +0100, Chris Withers wrote:
> Well, taking this use case, the current behaviour is confusing.
> I'm a designer, I get this template I know I'm allowed to tweak but I have
> no idea what this tal: stuff is. I do however, know a bit of javascript.
> So, I happily tweak the <script> stuff ignoring the funny tal: bit until
> does what I want. I hand over the template to the scripter who does his
> thing and hands off to the customer. I'm then confused as to why the
> customer is unhappy until I find out that none of my javascript is
> I wonder what to do next.
> So, if this use case is broken anyway, could we at least make it useful to
> the coders and scripters of this world and allow tal: inside <script> and
> <style> tags? ;-)

I don't think it is broken; as a coder you always have to weary of changes
to a template that break the templating code. Imagine a table row with a
tal:repeat copied over to a new table for convenience of the designer. Any
template editied by a non-coder needs inspection as an unrendered template
anyway, as well as discussion with the designer as to what he/she expects
will happen when it is templated.

Page templates support the use case, but as any tool will not make it work
by magic.

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