On Sun, 2002-10-13 at 09:44, Ulrich Eck wrote:
> Hi there,
> I just had an Idea and want to hear your comments on the following:
> Zope is a Request-Based System. It has no internal scheduling functions
> except one installs Xron.
> I have written a MicroThread Scheduler using python2.2 generators
> that supply cooperative Multithreading.
> Now the point:
> I want to integrate this Scheduler as one Thread (like Xron)
> to Zope as "Service" where clients could register a callback
> with parameters which are called regularly with a certain priority.
> Zope's Persistent Object Database would morph to an completely
> persistent Program that handles requests too.
> One could use it to implement better Workflow capabilities,
> or an Event Sytem (a client would register a Thread that
> checks for incoming messages and handles them). Many more things
> could be done ..
> What are the pitfalls i can run into, when trying to implement this ??
> I could think of concurrency issues, problem with threads, context,
> security .. any concrete hints ??
> What do you think about that ??

Here is my two cents ...

I'd like to see Zope ship with ZEO, and by defaalt use it. To put the
value in this, it could ship with a separate process pre-configured to
connect to the same ZEO server (which would all be in one start up
script to keep it simple), and provide a means to do scheduling outside
of Zope, but inside do to the ZEO connection.

Then, you could use the ZMI/custom interface for managing the thing,
whilst a fully separate process runs the actual machinery of doing
things in a "time"ly fashion.

Fully internal, no, but combined with what you propose might well make
it very well integrated.

Bill Anderson
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