Leonardo Rochael Almeida wrote:
On Mon, 2002-10-21 at 13:33, Andy McKay wrote:

In Florent's message on date screwup he mentioned 2.6.1...

I know 2.6.1 is supposed to be finished pretty soon but not within a week,
right? :-)

Is there a plan, schedule etc for 2.6.1? I couldn't find it in the Wiki's
but that doesn't mean much :)

Want put ZCatalog Caching proposal (working on) and SQL Caching proposal in
somewhere and Im not sure where to look.

And I want to put in an extession to TM to allow DAs to implement the
'vote' phase of TPC (very non intrusive, just another overridable
method, previous DAs will keep working).
For sanity's sake, 2.6.x is now the current maintenance branch, not the place to put new features. New features should only go into 2.7. We need to get out of the hotfixes business. Adherence to strict rules is the right way to get there.


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