I perhaps should have clarified that I need to be able to specify the
name of the attributes or methods at run time, so ComputedAttribute
unfortunately won't do the trick as you have to define each
attribute/method you require in the class definition.

ie. I need something like :
def __getattr__(self,attr):
   if name in self.methodlist:
     <do something>
   return Implicit.__class__.__getattr__(self,attr)

where self.methodlist is a list of strings that may change per instance
and/or at runtime, or itself could be calculated at the time of doing
the __getattr__ (eg self.getMethodList()).
Sounds like you could use ZPatterns.

If you do implement your own __getattr__, you might need to check if the object you want to return implements __of__, and return object.__of__(self) (or something like that).

Steve Alexander

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