Well, sorta...

CallProfiler wasn't profiling ZPTs because they've been renamed/moved
from Products.PageTemplates.PageTemplates.PageTemplates to
Products.PageTemplates.ZopePageTemplate.ZopePageTemplate. Here's a patch
to make it work again.

BTW, does anyone know what a MLDTMLMethod from a MLDTML product (in
CallProfiler/CallProfiler.py:124-125) is?

Anyway, I'm still wondering whatever happened to the CallProfiler
integration plans. I see there are anthony-CallProfiler-something
branches in CVS, but I couldn't make anything of them (probably my CVS
inexperience). Anyone knows anything about this?

        Cheers, Leo

PS: Richard, I'm CCing this to you because you mentioned you're
accepting patches and I don't know if you subscribe to zope-dev.

Ideas don't stay in some minds very long because they don't like
solitary confinement.

--- CallProfiler/CallProfiler.py-orig   2002-02-08 04:07:01.000000000 -0200
+++ CallProfiler/CallProfiler.py        2002-10-17 13:04:55.000000000 -0200
@@ -118,8 +118,8 @@
             self.name, s, self.name)
 profileable_modules = {
-    'Page Template': Profileable('Products.PageTemplates.PageTemplates',
-        'PageTemplates', '__call__'),
+    'Page Template': Profileable('Products.PageTemplates.ZopePageTemplate',
+        'ZopePageTemplate', '__call__'),
     'DTML Method': Profileable('OFS.DTMLMethod', 'DTMLMethod', '__call__'),
     'MLDTMLMethod': Profileable('Products.MLDTML.MLDTML',
         'MLDTMLMethod', '__call__'),

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