i am using the <dtml-in> tag to call a zsql method
based on the results of this query i call a another dtml document.
however i am getting a error when i submit the form it trys to download the page it is calling next is this a common error?
Is there any other way i can call a zsql method and make the results available to the rest of a dtml document without using the <dtml-in>?
heres the code i am using
<dtml-in expr="sql_query_cust_request_authorize(CustName=CustName,userName=userName,password=password)">
<dtml-if db_username>
  <dtml-call expr="sql_query_cust_request_authorize(CustName=CustName,userName=userName,password=password,policies='mainUser')">
  <dtml-if db_policies>
    <dtml-var send_customer_request>
    <dtml-var cust_authorize_fail>
  <dtml-var cust_authorize_fail>


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