I got a hacked together version of WebServices sort of working at
ActiveState at the around the same time Brian was working on that code. I
think its still working, but its no where near complete:
http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Syndication. Unfortunately you'd have to
smile sweetly at ActiveState to get the code from them, if a quick toy,
hacky implementation is all you need that might be the way.

I'd really like to look at WebServices for Zope 3, perhaps it is one area I
can help. Part of the problem I think was that Web Services did not slot
into Zope 2 nicely especially with the automagical nature of things like
XMLRPC. The Zope3 View architecture seems to be the way to go and provide a
good opportunity for this.

> There is not currently (or at least there wasn't
> last I checked) a drop-in library for this that exposed what I
> felt would be needed, and I definitely don't have the time to
> implement one :)

I haven't looked at ZSI for a while but as I think that was the most
promising package at the time.

But I'm not promising or commiting to anything because if I do it's doomed
not to happen.
  Andy McKay

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