I must admit to not understanding why this should only break over
xmlrpc and not directly from Zope.  The problem appears to be that my
method is defined something like:

def method(self, *args, **kw)
mapply doesn't put things into **kw arguments of methods.

I wanted this once for a product in Zope 3, looked deeply into mapply, and talked to Jim Fulton about it.

IIRC, Jim said that mapply shouldn't put things into **kw arguments because it isn't at all explicit, and would end up implicitly putting in a whole bunch of things that you generally wouldn't want in a lot of cases.

Can you make up a simple python module to demonstrate your case, just using a method, and mapply?

It may be that there's a way to achieve what you want, while still keeping things reasonably explicit.

Steve Alexander

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