> >>The problem seems to be that ZCTextIndex indeed does not do the
> >>splitting "right" if German Umlauts are used. There is no option for
> >>"Unicode-aware splitter".  Instead of a Vocabulary it uses a
> >>Lexicon, which just offers two options: "HTML aware splitter" and
> >>"Whitespace splitter". I haven't tested the whitespace splitter yet,
> >>but the HTML aware splitter did not do the Umlaut thing right
> >>without the patch, i.e. it used umlauts as splitting characters ...
> > 
> > That's just what the default ZMI interface for ZCTextIndex offers.
> > It's easy to add your own splitter by writing a few lines of Python
> > code.  RTSL.
> of course everyone can write his own Splitter... one for german, one
> for french, etc.pp. but what is the problem with the patch? is
> pythons-regexp (?L) not just intended for this simple way of
> "localizing" software?
> and think of the european market:
> no one will "buy" Zope, if it is not working with your native language 
> out of the box. and that's what the patch for...

I must've missed the start of this thread (I only just signed up for
this list).  I didn't see any patch -- I thought it was just a gripe
about ZCTextIndex.  Of course patches are welcome -- where can I find
this particular patch?

--Guido van Rossum (home page: http://www.python.org/~guido/)

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