With Andreas plugging away at reStructuredText Integration into Zope, I'm thinking of some extra deliverables. I'm not sure how deep we want to put ReST support in at the moment, considering that while the spec is pretty solid the codebase is still a moving target, but I would like to add and help work on the following proposed deliverables to the project:

1. reStructuredText support in the Zope Help System.
2. reStructuredText support for Product README handling.
3. Ensuring that Page Templates and Python Scripts can access the
reStructuredText.HTML() function.

#1 looks like it would require adding a ReSTHelpTopic class in the HelpSys package which could probably mimic (or even sublass) the HelpSys.HelpTopic.STXTopic class. Then support would have to be added into ``ProductContext.registerHelp()`` to map certain file suffixes to the ReSTHelpTopic ('.rst', etc).

#2 could probably be handled the same way (look for a 'README.rst' file), but may be served better if the contents of the README.txt could be introspected enough to detect format. :\

#3 is easy, I just want to make sure it's not forgotten. We just have to decide the right one way to do it: expose it in 'Products.PythonScripts.standard' where all of the other DTML formatters are exposed, or out of its own namespace (ie: tal:content="structure python:modules['reStructuredText'].HTML(foo)"). Or both ways.

Jeffrey P Shell

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